Booth Rental Available

At Exotica, we believe all our clients should come away from their experience feeling fabulous and looking glamorous! We welcome hairstylists from other area salons who have their own clientele and a flair for cutting hair or talented manicurists. Because we rent our booths, stylists are effectively self-employed and will have to pay rent each month. If you are tired of waiting every two weeks for your paycheck, a salon booth rental may be the ideal opportunity for you, as you are able to pocket your earnings right away. If you have a flair for selling yourself and are a savvy businessperson, then rent a salon booth with us! You will have the freedom to excel at your chosen craft of making people look beautiful. Stylists will have to complete a short agreement before renting. If you would like to rent from us, please visit the salon or give us a call.

Partnership Opportunity Available

Have you ever wanted to own your own business but don’t want the hassle of everything that goes wrong to fall on your shoulders alone? With a shared partnership opportunity, you don’t have to go at it alone. Exotica Hair Salon is a booth rental style salon, where the stylists, hair technicians and manicurists rent booths from us every month. It is a boon for the stylists because they receive their money instantly and we don’t get taxed on their earnings nor do we have to cut a check for the stylists every two weeks. As a salon partner, you will get an equal share of the profits and lower overhead costs. If you would like to apply, please visit the salon in person.